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Welcome to Aristocrat tiaras

About Us

Aristocrat Tiaras is a family-run business based in rural North Herefordshire. The Offa's Dyke footpath runs past our driveway and we are within walking distance of the beautiful and historical Welsh borderlands - a great part of the world to inspire creativity!

At Aristocrat Tiaras, we produce exquisite, high quality handmade bridal tiaras using only the best Swarovski crystal beads and Japanese seed beads. We make each tiara as a complete unit, each bead is threaded onto our own designed silver plated wire band to ensure a high quality and permanent finish.

Tiaras from Aristocrat Tiaras are not just for brides or nobility! They add extra sparkle to outfits for school proms, balls, parties, garden parties, Ascot - any occasion where you want to be head above the crowds!

To complement the tiaras, we have a range of handmade jewellery such as necklaces and earrings made of crystal and semi-precious gem stone.

As each tiara from Aristocrat Tiaras is fully hand made, if you can't see one that you like, we can create a tiara that is completely personal to you. We can add coloured crystals and create new designs that fit exactly with your wedding or function theme or colours.

Some inforamation about Swarovski crystal beads
We carefully source our suppliers to ensure that each bridal tiara is made up only of genuine high quality Swarovski crystal beads and we go out of our way to avoid some of the cheaper, less sparkly crystals and beads available through some sources.

All of our crystals are made by Swarovski and nearly all are Swarovski's "AB" coated beads. Swarovski AB is named after the Aurora Borealis - the fantastic effects of the Northern Lights! These are crystal beads that have a chemically bonded coating to give that wonderful rainbow effect when bouncing light through and off the crystals. Each bridal tiara contains more than 150 sparkling Swarovski crystals, woven into the body of the tiara, giving a truly stunning effect as the crystals reflect and refract the light. The effect of disco lighting on an Aristocrat tiara is truly electrifying.

History of Aristocrat Tiaras
All our bridal tiaras and wedding jewellery are designed, created and crafted by hand in Herefordshire by Yin-Fun Allaway, a mother of 4, who has been fashioning crystal jewellery for more than 20 years. She has been selling music themed jewellery through the TAF Music Gifts online shop and is now focussing on releasing her premium range of tiaras, necklaces and earrings through Aristocrat Tiaras. She started designing and making tiaras after shopping for wedding accessories for her daughter and feeling that she could make a positive contribution to the range of bridal tiaras available. A tiara, or other jewellery, from Aristocrat tiaras require patience and flair to create - but the result is a truly timeless bridal heirloom. Each item is unique to Aristocrat Tiaras, you will not find our tiaras, earrings or necklaces on sale anywhere else in the world!

We generally sell on-line through the Aristocrat Tiaras website. You can make an appointment to visit to discuss your needs or try a tiara if you are in the area - just use the contact page to get in touch. Watch out for us at Wedding fairs around Herefordshire and Mid Wales.

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