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Aristocrat Tiaras Wedding List Service

This is a free wedding gift list service in 2 ways, the items are not linked to any particular shop or supplier and we don't charge you anything to use it. The idea is that the happy couple can generate a list of gifts they would like to receive from a number of outlets, to give their family and friends a flexible list with a price guide and suggested purchase locations. You cannot buy anything through this list, it's purpose is to generate a gift list and try to keep track of what has been bought (so couples don't get 12 toasters!).

How it works

The couple build a list of gifts and enter the name of a shop where they have seen a particular item. The items on the list can be linked to a product on any shop's website to make buying the gifts easier, but there is no requirement for the item to be bought from a specific shop or supplier. The link (if provided) will take the buyer to that shop's website to get more product information and perhaps reserve or make the purchase online.

A friend who plans to purchase something on the list (whether on-line or from a physical shop) can select the relevant "I'll buy it" button (and quantity where appropriate) so that the gift will be marked as bought and (hopefully!) will not be bought by someone else.

Just in case a friend thinks the couple have forgotten to add something vital and they would like to buy that item, they can add it at the bottom of the list and it will send the couple an email to let you know that someone has added a "forgotten gift".

Registered couples are given a security code to give to their friends, relatives and guests to try to keep spammers and trouble-makers off this list. Once a friend has committed to buy an item (and entered the security code), they will receive an email giving them the couple's delivery address with a reminder of their chosen gift. Items are automatically marked as bought when a friend goes through this process.

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