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Welcome to Aristocrat tiaras

Bridal Tiaras

The tiara is literally the crowning glory of a beautiful bride. Our aim at Aristocrat Tiaras is to create stunning Swarovski crystal tiaras from our own unique and inspired designs that are genuinely glamorous yet comfortable for a bride to wear throughout her wedding day - sparkling in the ceremony, shining in the photographs and electrifying in the disco!

To complement the range of crystal bridal tiaras, we also offer a selection of handmade necklaces and earrings to add that extra touch of class. Click on a tiara below to explore the bridal tiara range.


Not getting married? Crystal tiaras from Aristocrat Tiaras come into their own at school proms, balls and parties. You'll feel "head and shoulders" above the crowd as the lights bounces off your Swarovski tiara and you'll be the belle of the ball, looking majestic in all the pics!

All our Swarovski tiaras are individually handmade in Herefordshire UK using more than 150 top quality genuine Swarvoski crystal beads and are not mass-produced. Everything on the Aristocrat Tiaras website is unique to us.

" Swarovski crystal bridal tiaras
& jewellery for your wedding
or other special occasions!"

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