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Harpist for Weddings and othe occasions

Harp music is a perfect enhancement for a wedding day! If you are looking for a harpist for your wedding, occasion or events in Herefordshire, mid-Wales, London or surrounding areas, Glenda and Hannah are young, harp playing sisters from North Herefordshire who have performed as soloists or members of orchestras at a variety of venues throughout Britain. They have both been playing the harp for a number of years and either harpist will give a great performance to enhance your wedding or special occasion.

A wedding harpist usually play at one or more different parts of a wedding:
  • the wedding ceremony,
  • the drinks reception / photographs and
  • during the wedding breakfast.

The wedding may be a civil wedding ceremony - held in a stately home, hotel or similar venue or a church wedding. The format for a church or civil wedding ceremony is similar, but there are legal restrictions on what music can be played while the registrar is present and some vicars/ministers need to approve what they will allow in the service.

Harp music can be played in various prts of the wedding ceremony:

  • Before the ceremony, while guests are coming in
  • For the entrance of the bride (harp music works well for your entrance, but some brides prefer other music/CD/Organ to come in to)
  • During the signing of the register - this can be 10-15 minutes long (depending on how many pictures the photographer takes and how long the registrar / clergy allows)
  • For the exit of the bride and groom (some couples use a CD or other music but harp works well here)
  • While the guests are leaving the room.

Glenda and Hannah are quite flexible and can often arrange a favourite song to be played for the entry / exit and signing of the register. Not all pop music works on the harp, but they will see what she can do if you have a favourite piece. The harpist will play a variety of music before and after the ceremony.

Music during the drinks reception and photographs and/or wedding breakfast provides a nice, relaxing background.

Note: As Glenda and Hannah are both students, their availability is limited and we reserve
the right to decline any request to play at any wedding or event.

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